Monday, October 10, 2011

cooking heritage breed turkey

how to cook a heritage breed turkey this thanksgiving

1- go to a farm and purchase a heritage breed turkey 2- take a drink of some american made whisky 3- put the turkey in the oven 4- take another two drinks of whisky 5- set the degrees at 375 oven 6- take three more whiskys of a drink 7- turn oven the on 8- take four whisks of drinky 9- turk the bastey 10- whisky another bottle of get 11- stick a turkey in the thermometer 12- glass yourself a pour of whisky 13- bake the whisky for four hours 14- take the oven out of the turkey 15- take the oven out of the turkey 16- floor the turkey up off the pick 17- turk the carvey 18- get yourself another scottle of botch 19- tet the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkey 20- bless the saying, pass and eat out happy thanksgiving

Sunday, October 9, 2011

virginia wine on film.......

the virginia wine industry's rise from humble beginnings and the tale of the creation of the states 2008 vintage is told by this engaging new documentary- VINTAGE: The Winemaker's Year... the players and places of the Monticello (ava) wine region in central virginia serve as main characters, filling the screen with bucolic landscapes, beautiful wineries and a range of european and american accents to tell this captivating story... produced by the oenophiles at silverthorn films out of charlottesville, VINTAGE: the winemaker's year examines the factors that make virginia unique among the wine-producing regions and AVA's of the united states..... for all that are interested in the history of winemaking in this country the film explores why, 200 years after Thomas Jefferson's failure to cultivate grapes at Monticello, the region is finally flourishing as a producer of quality wines... This documentary will also shows how virginia is an advancing player in the boutique wine industry, gaining national attention and attracting top winemakers, enthusiasts and professional chefs alike.... the allure of c-ville and the surrounding wine country is easy to understand in this fascinating film- the soil, the climate, the landscape and the local culture scene make winemaking an appealing pursuit... this documentary is available at: SILVERTHORN FILMS- 313 2nd street south east, c-ville, va 22902 for $19.95 + $4.95 SH..... and remember- in virginia, every vintage has a story......