Thursday, July 1, 2010

bond mountain spring, maine

our family (sebastian, heather and baby zander) frequently travels up west road toward ray schicoloni's cherry knoll farm (a great source of pastured local lamb) to reach the lush green forests and rolling hills of southern maine's tiny town of newfield to get our weekly drinking water...... our drinking water is still bubbling fresh from a hole in the earths surface....... lewis and clark- eat your damn hearts out.........! at 823 feet it is an easy hike up to the summit of bond mountain, home to this historic 'town' spring which is acclaimed by the Three Rivers Land Trust as one of the last clean 'roadside' springs in york county..... deep rooted in rich glacial soil, bond mountain was also a major ski area back in the late 50's and 60's until mechanical challenges forced the resort to be closed..... the summit of the mountain features the rocky remains of the Thomas Bond homestead (circa. 1820) and a small cemetery plot believed to contain the graves and remains of Thomas Bond, three of his wives and some of their children....... several of new england's leading paranormal research groups and society's have done extensive research in the area to study any paranormal activity around those buried there........ your best bet if trying to find this '.....old faithful....' of natural mountain springs is to program your GPS to 322 bond mountain road, newfield, maine; it will take you to TAPS (thurston and peters sugarhouse), travel several hundred feet past the sugarhouse and on your left hand side you will see the spring and the small wood platform to rest your jugs on while filling mountain spring is ruffly 8.5 miles from our humble place of abode, we make several trips a week for this clean, crisp and thoroughly refreshing local mountain spring water........ there is a hand-painted sign stating that there is the potential for the springs water to be high in bacteria certain times of the changing seasons and a phone number for 'drinkers' to call for information about the spring....... take a drive one day and discover bond mountain spring....... bring a couple of jugs and fill them to the rim with mountain freshness.......... this is where we pay tribute to those person or persons that are responsible for informing us about this reliable source of mountain spring water- ryan z & von nida
latitude: 43.62202 - longitude: -70.90117