Thursday, January 5, 2012

razor clams.........................(siliqua patula)

although the pacific razor clam is found from california to alaska, only a handful of beaches have populations large enough to sustain commercial harvesting of this unique, sweet tasting clam... fortunately, the remote ocean beaches of the pristine olympic peninsula in washington state are ideal razor clam habitat, which gives the quinault indian nation exclusive commercial access to the largest single razor clam resource on the pacific coast... of all the razor clams harvested commercially, quinault razor clams are the most prized for their large size and succulently sweet white meat... razors live near the surf line, which means they can only be harvested at extremely low tides..... diggin' for these bivalves is a blast.... consuming them is even better.......! if harvesting yourself, check the local fish police to see if the clams are high in domoic acid (a marine toxin)... in the kitchen they are commonly dredged in flour, dipped in local buttermilk and pressed into panko to yield a crispy exterior and slightly chewy inside... we also fry 'em up and situate them or one big ass clam on a toasted bulky roll with lettuce, thick cut tomato, american cheese and green tabasco mayo..... ahhh- the razor clam......!