Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flo's Hot Dogs.................some kinda good

friday the 13th...... august 2o1o- the lines today were stupendous, we waited over 45 minutes for our 4 dogs with mayo, flo's relish and celery salt...... being a rhode islander the celery salt hit home..... providence style... the dogs were extra snappy and the bun a steamed pillow of white trash split top dough that tied the entire experience together... listening to gail bash the tourists is even better... a cold ass can of moxie helped us wash down the steamed tubes of swine... SNAPPY, SNAPPY, SNAPPY........! these dogs are phenomenal - ultra snappy and super juicy these natural casing pups are steamed to order, tucked into that soft new england style bun. if you are a Flo's regular you will then have the whole thing slathered with mayo, famous Flo's relish and that RI celery salt dusting...... catsup is NOT available.... the secret must be in the incredible dogs and that damn relish that isn't really a relish at all... this secret 'relish' concoction is more of a spicy and sweet chutney... (onion, molasses, tamarind and other chutney flavors shine through) these natural casing 'snappers' are available all over maine and new england in both regular and bright neon red. the reds mostly related to maine... but Flo's (and gail's) treatment of the hot dog is unlike anything else in the entire galaxy......! with august being the month after national hot dog month (july) I thought that I would start off with the dog that gets my vote for best in new england if not the world... mind you I have experienced NATHAN'S, PINK'S, GRAY'S PAPAYA, SUPER DAWG, YOCCO'S, THE VARSITY and RUTTS HUTT: but Flo's Hot Dogs on route 1 in cape neddick, maine, is not only the best hot dogs I've ever had , but an overall mind blowing experience in itself..... maybe after another 100 years of gastronomic service will bring gail a well deserved james beard award (watch out rob evans)........!