Saturday, September 11, 2010

smoked coffee...............................yeah smoked

in the beginning I just didn't know how popular this muddy elixir would become.......! working together heather and I began our smoked coffee journey one day on a visit to watch a friend micro-batch roast some indian monsooned malabar beans...... this coffee is unlike anything else in the country- it is smoked over organic applewood from a MOFGA certified organic apple orchard..... this coffee contains NO fake liquid flavoring agents...... it is 100% smoked over that kick-ass organic applewood in an actual smoker.... I have spent many months developing this very unique coffee and after countless test batches, we have finally found the perfect roast to be used for smoking..... it took even longer to discover the best smoking method, time and wood type to use with this bean... once we roast the indian monsooned malabar beans we place them in the smokehouse to let them slow-smoke... the resulting coffee is pretty much unlike anything we have ever tasted... the smoky flavor is very subtle from the first sip, and comes out in a big way in the aftertaste... it is smooth enough to be drank JOHN WAYNE style, but strong enough to handle some organic pure cane sugar and local cream... slow smoked over raven hill orchard's organic applewood is when some kind of magic happens.... when placed in a room with other coffee beans this bean has presence... you just notice it... plump, dark, aromatic and shiny... the brew whether french press or commercially dripped is every bit as aromatic as the beans are... it is very difficult to distinguish what the aroma is because it is different than what you expect from coffee.......! the smoky smell is definitely there... we have had several reputable new england chef's do a sensory evaluation and the results are the same... smoky, swanky, smooth and unexpected... as we taste further we find the first sip to be intriguing, full bodied and rich with a taste that you can't identify... and then the full smokiness of the elixir hits you in the aftertaste kidney.... pow-bam-wow-yee-zip-dam... yet very smooth and nice with hints of earthy ripe fruits... think of eating ripe muscadine grapes while sitting next to a campfire and you will get the idea... it is the lapsang souchong of the coffee world, but not as in your face as the tea... this coffee's smokiness is subtle, yet how intense... this coffee would pair well with stinky cheese... smoked coffee is more like a coffee tryst- one that you flirt with on occasion for variety and excitement, but not something you would brew day after day for breakfast.... smoking batch after batch you can see the subtle nuances and characteristics shine through in each batch... we are proud to have been involved in creating this very exciting new caffeine elixir.......!