Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Los Angeles Farmers Market……………………..…@ 3rd & Fairfax

Arose on January 19th of the year two thousand and thirteen to a sweaty eighty degrees in the city of angels….. headed out to third and fairfax to the historic los angeles farmers market… history says the market was established in 1934, when a dozen farmers parked their trucks, piled high with local bounty on an open field to sell their wares… the field was once a legendary los angeles dairy as well… the market remains true to its LA roots to this day… it has been well over 13 years since I was last at the market, last time was when I was in LA building and cooking at Leila’s… this place has grown exponentially since my last visit, the chains have moved in-  come on, really- is johnny rockets is not part of the LA County Farmers Association….?  bounced in to The Farmers Market Salad & Juice Company for a big ass glass of fresh watermelon juice then it was on to the barbecued beef tongue tacos at 'LOTERIA… oh-yeah did I mention the hand-made tortillas that this grass-fed beef tongue is riding on……  damn these were a treat….  the horchata was delightful and sweet with a hint of cinnamon… over the years the market- a magnet for stars and gangsters alike has also offered a trout pond, a drive-in theater, a car hop burger joint, a permanent boy band and an antique mall… for angelenos the phrase-  MEET ME AT 3RD AND FAIRFAX is a happy part of los angeles lexicon… today it is a fricken landmark… the tacos-  off the hook…. and to think that Marilyn Monroe, Bugsy Segal, Bing Crosby, Barbara Stanwyk and Cecil B. Demille have all enjoyed the same tongue tacos…  a fabulous day in LA.....!